Membership pathways

Choosing the right pathway for you

There are two pathways into Lifetime Lawyers membership - as a practicing lawyer (professional pathway) or as a trainee lawyer (student pathway).

NB: If you have recently qualified and are new to older client law, we recommend that you join at the student member level and complete the Lifetime Lawyers student programme before upgrading to member pending accreditation membership.

NB: Membership to Lifetime Lawyers is purely for individuals. We don’t offer firm memberships.


Our expectations

We expect all our members to move through Lifetime Lawyers’ membership levels to become Lifetime Lawyers accredited. This is because we want to ensure all our members are able to advise clients to the very highest of standards before recommending them to the public. As such, we only showcase our accredited members to the public.

Joining Lifetime Lawyers as a professional member - the accreditation pathway

  1. Complete your Lifetime Lawyers application
  2. Pay your joining fee
  3. Take Lifetime Lawyers’ Lifetime Care in Practice (LCP) Award within 8 weeks.
  4. This qualification focuses on the soft skills needed to work with older and vulnerable clients. The LCP has its own set of resources to help you prepare.
  5. Pay your Lifetime Lawyers annual membership fee
    Complete Lifetime Lawyers’ Lifetime Law in Practice (LLP) Award within 12 months of becoming a member
  6. This qualification focuses on your legal knowledge and technical knowhow.
  7. It has its own set of resources to help you prepare.
  8. Once you have at least 3 years PQE and are spending at least 50% of your time on older/vulnerable client matters, you are eligible to upgrade your membership to Lifetime Lawyers’ highest level.
  9. Congratulations! You are now a Lifetime Lawyers Accredited Member - You will need to re-accredit every 5 years

Join as a

(Pending Accreditation)
Pass the LLP
Confirm you have at least 3 years PQE and spend 50% on older/vulnerable client matters

Accredited Membership

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Joining Lifetime Lawyers as a student member

You will need to complete the Lifetime Lawyers student programme and once you are qualified, you will then start on the Lifetime Lawyers accreditation pathway.

Join as a Student

Student Membership
Complete the 12 month Student Programme
Once you've qualified as a lawyer, take and pass the LCP exam

Pending Accreditation