New Year, New Year’s Resolution?


With the start of a new year, we tend to reflect on the one that’s just passed and consider setting out a plan for the upcoming twelve months.

The pandemic has impacted all of us in one way or another and has helped many of us focus our minds on what’s important. Many of us have lost loved ones and have been forced to deal with later life matters sooner than expected. As we the start the new year, make planning for the future a priority so you can get on with enjoying life. 

Writing a will allows your wishes to be carried out when you die and helps protect your assets for those closest to you. Every adult should have a will regardless of marital status, family circumstances or wealth. 

Seeking professional legal advice is an important step in ensuring your will is written correctly. Making your wishes clear will help avoid uncertainty or potential disputes after you have gone. 

A lasting power of attorney is also an important part of later life planning, where you’re able to appoint a loved one to make decisions on your behalf should you lose capacity. There are two types of LPAs, one for your property and financial affairs and one to take care of your health and welfare. 

Discussing your final requests with a legal professional is essential in ensuring they are carried out correctly if you die or lose capacity. 

SFE lawyers are specialists in later life planning with a wealth of knowledge and experience in older client law. Using straightforward language and understanding the bigger picture, they follow a strict code of practice which has dignity and respect at its heart. You should also consider having conversations about your plans with your friends and family to make sure they’re aware of your wishes.

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Hannah Durston

Consultant Solicitor, Whitehead Monckton & Setfords

Hannah is a Consultant Solicitor with over ten years post-qualification experience in Private Client matters such as Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Probate. She splits her time between Whitehead Monckton Solicitors and Setfords Solicitors, working remotely for clients based all over the UK and beyond. Hannah is a full accredited member of SFE and is fully STEP qualified, as well as having a BSc in Psychology; she is perfectly placed to provide bespoke advice to clients in an easy to understand manner.

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