Using the SFE forum

All members are invited on the forum automatically by the SFE administrator unless they wish to be excluded from this. This has proved to be an extremely popular system used by members for the exchange of information.

How to activate the email forum

You will receive a separate e-mail confirming you have been added to the SFE forum.

Please note that in order to access the archive messages the web requires you to have a Google Account. If you don’t have a Google Account, you will first need to create an account before you can access the group.

If for some reason you are not on the forum but wish to be then you need to contact SFE administration on: to be registered.

Posting questions

To “post” a message to the group, members should e-mail

It is helpful to indicate in the title the area of your query, i.e. Wills, COP, POA, etc. When you receive a posting, you should “reply” to the poster only if the comment is private. If you want your comment to be added to the group discussion, you should use “reply to all” which ensures that everybody gets a copy. Your own copy will be in your “sent” emails in your own email system.

Getting the best from the forum

In order to get the best use out of the forum, we would like to introduce some protocols which we would like all members to adopt.

Subject matter

Please do not start your heading with Re as this is what is used as the heading for replies and so is confusing. Please use the following convention for headings for emails Broad category – specific area – subject matter eg:

  • Carehomes – contracts – abuse
  • Wills – nil rate band trusts – number allowable
  • Wills – properties abroad – Spain
  • Estates – valuations – ham radios
  • Care Homes – EPA – petty cash

Confine your email to one subject

If you have various questions on different subjects, start new emails.

Replying to emails

Do not change the subject heading otherwise the trail of the email is lost and other people who have been following it will be lost.


If you want to look at previous email trails, logon on to your Google account and scroll down to find the posting.

Bounce back emails

Occasionally we get queries from members as their emails bounce back. The most common reason for this being that they are sending the email from an unregistered email address, such as being sent from a secretary’s email address rather the member’s address. Another reason is that the firm’s browser does not allow JavaScript or there is a firewall that prevents mass emails. If this is the case, then the member will not be able to use the forum unless the browser or firewall is altered. If multiple emails are sent from a member it is probably the member’s server playing up and not to do with SFE’s site.


The email forum is for the exchange of legal information and to obtain assistance with legal problems and any postings should be objective and not make personal remarks about other postings or the persons who make those postings. Subject matter of postings does not necessarily reflect the views of the board of SFE and no responsibility will be accepted by the board for the accuracy or otherwise of the information contained in postings. All postings are submitted at the risk of those posting the information.

Use of SFE email forum

The use of the SFE email forum is a significant benefit of membership and so is personal to SFE members. As such it should not be used to place problems of non – members.

Furthermore, members must ensure that the email forum responses are not shared with third parties, whether they are to other forums or other people.

We have recently had an issue with some content being challenged by non members as well as members, who do not want their views circulated to a wider audience without their express consent. Anyone who is found to have circulated forum content to anyone who is not an SFE member will be suspended from the forum.

The forum should expressly not be used for:

  • Advertising positions vacant
  • Advertisement of products or services
  • Sharing copyrighted material

Members found using the forum for such purposes will receive a warning from the forum moderator and may be suspended from the forum for subsequent breaches of the forum rules.

Finally, members are asked to bear in mind that there is a fine line between humour and causing offence: please be considerate