Is SFE for you?

SFE is the leading training and best practice organisation for lawyers who specialise in older and vulnerable clients. Our aim is to provide practical advice, knowhow and best practice for working lawyers

SFE was founded in 1996 and set out to be a specialist group to help, support and make a difference to older people. We have grown into an independent national organisation of over 1500 lawyers all committed to its founding principles.

We hope our members share our passion for excellence:

Our values

  • Approachable
  • Understanding / Empathy
  • High quality
  • Professional
  • Influential & courageous
Do these sit well with you and complement your own values?

Our purpose

Working together to safeguard the future of the elderly

Does this speak to you?

Our mission

To be the in club for lawyers working in the field of older and vulnerable clients, as we work towards a common purpose and ensure that all our members are approachable; trustworthy; experienced and highly skilled, in addition to being regulated and fully qualified and always working in the best interests of their clients

We hope that this is what you are looking for from SFE. By the way, we offer a whole lot more…

And finally, our Code of Practice is the embodiment of our ethos and values. please read it carefully, think about it and be sure this is for you. As a member of SFE you will be expected to uphold it at all times…



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