Authoritative media presence

SFE is the go-to for media looking for insight into older client law

We work with PR & social agency Stand Agency to create opportunities for members to raise their profile, promote
their expertise on a regional and national level, and represent their views on key issues.

Why PR matters for SFE members

SFE’s ongoing investment in PR makes a tangible difference for our members. Our media activity drives awareness around key issues, builds trust with the public and stakeholders, and increases business for members. Eighty per cent of SFE members find value in PR as one of the membership benefits.

Strong media presence

On a national scale, SFE generated XX pieces of coverage and two front page pieces in the Daily Mail and The Times in 2017.  

SFE also represented its members by campaigning around the following issues:

  • Lasting Power of Attorneys – how important it is for consumers to put a power of attorney in place and for regulators to ensure they are safe and robust
  • DIY legal tools – ensuring consumers are properly informed about the risks involved with using DIY legal kits for things like wills and LPAs
  • Probate fees – fighting the consumer’s corner against the Government’s proposed increase to probate fees, dubbed a ‘death tax’
  • Digitisation – ensuring the digitisation of the legal sector (for example e-signatures) does not compromise the safety of consumers

Tailored support

For each campaign, Full Accredited Members are provided with tailored media toolkits to help them generate their own coverage in regional media. As a result, in 2017, individual members generated a total of XX pieces of coverage with SFE’s help.

To see what our members and PR team achieved in 2017, click here.

If you’ve been approached by media, or have any questions about PRing your SFE accreditation, feel free to contact Stand Agency directly on or 0203 696 5800