Continuing on from the huge success of the last SFE conference in its new format, we are delighted to bring you another day long, in-depth case study with expert speakers to help unpick the key legal issues for Nina, a 44 widow, finding herself having to sort out a huge mess.

The case study synopsis is below. To read the full case study, please click here

To make things more fun, please read the full case study in advance of the conference and jot down how you would approach this scenario and your key considerations. You can then compare your notes with the experts.

Nina Wright is 44-year-old widow whose husband, Stuart Wright, died suddenly in a car accident on the M4. Stuart was a major shareholder in his family’s gin business. He also set up a successful hand sanitiser business. Nina and Stuart have 3 children. The oldest child Ben (25) has Down’s Syndrome. 

Stuart went on to have an affair with Vicky and a secret love child (Aurora) which Nina knew nothing about. During lockdown, she did find out about the affair. The marriage was under strain because of the affair and also because of Nina’s overspending online and her drinking. Stuart began sending money for child support from an account which he had hidden from Nina.

When going through Stuart’s papers, Nina realises that not only did Stuart have an illegitimate child that he had kept a secret, but he died without having ever made a will.

To make matters worse, since Nina told the banks that Stuart had died, they stopped the direct debits from his personal account and Vicky is now claiming a share in the family business for Aurora and someone has also told Nina that she may not inherit the whole of Stuart’s estate because some of it might go to the children.

On top of all of this, Nina’s own children are having issues and are making demands on her. 

She has nowhere to turn. Fortunately, she has been referred to you, her local SFE solicitor to help her sort it all out.

Date and Time

The date of our Conference is:

23rd June 2022

The time of our Conference is:

09:00 - 16:30

Our Drinks Reception runs from:

16:30 - 18:00


Our Speakers

  • Intestacy – what would happen, who gets what?
  • Trust for underage beneficiaries, how would this operate?
  • Probate issues
  • Inheritance act claim – Vicky and Aurora
  • What happens to the business?
  • Who cares for dependent children on the death of a parent?
  • What would happen to Grace if Nina died at the same time as Stuart?
  • Could Lottie take action to care for Grace should she feel that Nina was unable to do so? How would the court decide the issue?
  • What advice would you give to clients as to the appointment of a Guardian ?
  • Focus on Ben and funding his living arrangements – remain at home or not, who decides?
  • Care Act eligible needs/is funding available/direct payments or not, pros and consWhat the court considers in the event of no guardian (where there is no one with parental responsibility, or in the event of a dispute around who should be the guardian, as in this case? Realistically what would Lottie do if she felt Nina was not an appropriate person?
  • Focus on Ben - his potential inheritance and how best to manage it as he can’t
  • His vulnerability and potential relationship with/ safeguarding reporting and next steps
  • His care – assuming he is moved from home does this amount to a DOL and if so how would that be authorised, what would the approach be to best interests?


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Kings Place

90 York Way, N1 9AG


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