The SFE National Conference 2022

It is such a shame that our conference was on a train strike day. However, several people made it to the venue along with our speakers and most of our sponsors.

The quality of the speakers was outstanding with some well known names – Barbara Rich, Cate Searle and Caroline Bielanska and new comer to SFE Stuart Barlow – who is a family lawyer. He focused on guardianships and several highly experienced SFE members I spoke to said that had learnt things from Stuart that they would be putting into practice.

I am told that the quality of the live stream was outstanding which I am extremely pleased about. All in all, our new venue was a great success and we hope to return there next year.

We will probably go for another all day case study, so if there any budding writers out there, please contact me. Next year, we not only want the case study, but some back stories as well, so that we can nail some of the details.