SFE new website

SFE’s brand new website will be going live on Monday 21st May 2018. It is completely different from our existing site and gives us a lot more scope to do things.

This is a very exciting time for SFE. We have changed absolutely everything. You will see that the home page is aimed squarely at the public with lots of content and help and gentle nudges to use an SFE Full Accredited Member.

The members’ area has undergone a complete transformation and is much easier to use. With Karon Walton on board as SFE’s Chief Legal Officer, we will continuously be adding content for members.

Here is the timing plan:

Friday 11th May 2018 at noon – our existing website ceased taking transactions.

This means that for this week you can read things and download things, but you can’t book on to any events, apply to do the OCCP or the OCLP Awards or buy leaflets. I would ask everyone to wait until the new website is up and running before booking on to anything. However, if you need something urgently, please email Sue – admin@sfe.legal. Members of the public will still be able to use our search engine to find Full Accredited Members in their area.

Monday 21st May 2018 – the new website will be up and running and will be open for business.

On the Monday morning, we will email members their new login details and membership numbers.

We will be asking all Full Accredited Members to login and check that their profiles are correct first of all. We will of course check the data upload during the previous week, but we may not spot any minor inconsistencies.

I’m sure you would all like to have a good look round the new website and log in to see what is new. But I would ask that you do not all do this at the same time. We have never had the entire membership login at the same time, but I don’t think we could handle 1600+ members at once!

I do anticipate some teething problems as absolutely everything has changed, so if something isn’t working, please do let us know and bear with us whilst we sort things out.

We will make a formal announcement in the media about the new website once we have ironed out any issues.