Local Government Association Briefing to House of Lords

This is a useful update on the situation regarding the delivery of social care.

On 19th April 2018, the LGA produced a briefing for the House of Lords on the long-term sustainability of the NHS and Social Care House of Lords.
Some of the information provided included:

• Since 2010, councils have dealt with a £6 billion funding gap in adult social care services. This has been met through £3.4 billion of savings to adult social care and £2.6 billion taken from additional savings to other services

• The LGA estimates that adult social care provider market faces an immediate and annually recurring gap of £1.3 billion, which is the difference between what care providers say they need and what councils currently pay

• Despite the Government’s recent funding commitments, adult social care still faces a funding gap of more than £2 billion by 2020

• The measures the Government has taken in recent years to tackle the funding crisis facing adult social care have been welcome. However, the Government position that councils have ‘access to up to £9.4 billion more dedicated funding for social care over three years’ (Government response to Competition and Markets Authority report on care homes) is problematic for several reasons:

o The council tax precept shifts the burden of tackling a clear national crisis onto councils and their residents

o Last year’s Adult Social Care Support Grant was not new money and was instead created from savings of equivalent value from the New Homes Bonus; in effect it was simply a redistribution of funding already promised to councils and actually left some councils worse off overall as they lost more in NHB payments than they gained in the ASC grant

o Improved Better Care Fund monies give disproportionate dominance to the priority of reducing pressures on the NHS, and within that an extremely narrow focus on delayed transfers of care

(Author: Tish Hanifan)