Unsuitable, insecure and substandard homes: The barriers faced by older private renters

A report by Independent Age into The Private Rental Sector and Older People – This report argues that with half a million older people living in privately rented accommodation, policy makers need to understand the unique needs of this growing section of the population and must enact this understanding in future policy developments because currently they remain largely invisible.

•An estimated 500,000 older people are privately renting. This is 1 in 10 of all private rented households

•The Local Government Association (LGA) forecasts that older households will make up around 60% of projected household growth between 2008 and 2033

•In 2015, just 17.5% of housing stock in England and Wales was social housing

•As social housing has become more inaccessible, many renters, including older renters, have been forced to turn to the private rented sector. This sector now accounts for a greater proportion of Britain’s housing stock than social rented housing

The report also sets out a number of recommendations to government. It can be downloaded at: https://www.independentage.org/sites/default/files/2018-03/Unsuitable_insecure_and_substandard_homes_Independent_Age_2018_0.pdf