“Create, Curate, Syndicate”

“Create, Curate, Syndicate”

This is my new my new mantra! Since working on the new SFE website, we have developed a whole library of original, relevant and informative content. The question is what more can we do with it?

Hence my new mantra “Create, Curate, Syndicate”

In other words, each new piece of content needs to be amplified. I was reading an interesting blog by Salvatore Trifilio, a content producer, who describes the creation of content as akin to building a bonfire. He states that “creating original high-quality content is the right place to start, but it’s only two-thirds of the battle. Content is the kindling you use to build your pyre and feed the fire. But, remember, your goal isn’t to build a campfire; you want to build a bonfire that can be seen for miles. And sometimes you need to throw a little fuel on the fire to really get a blaze going.”

So how do you do it?

Research carried out by Curata, suggests that a good mix is 65% creation, 25% curation and 10% syndication. However, each organisation needs to decide the best mix for itself.

First of all, we need to understand what each of the three elements are:

Creation – this is straightforward – the development of original, unique content

Curation – the gathering of high quality content on a single topic from other people, that is then re-organised and re-purposed probably put into a single article or post for the readership. The editor/content curator will normally highlight the golden nuggets for readers and add editorial and comment for readers. This is not plagiarism as full credit should be given to the original author. It is a way of showing though leadership and it augment the website as a source of knowledge. Content curation allows brands to share their thought leadership and become a greater knowledge resource for their site visitors. Furthermore, it can improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), as it allows for another section of your website to be indexed and provides more pathways to your own original content.

Syndication – this is the process of pushing your blogpost, article, video or any piece of web-based content out to other third-parties who will then republish it on their own sites. Clearly, this opens up your content to a new audience and you will get much wider reach. It also helps with SEO, particularly if your content is published on a site with much higher traffic than yours and some of that bigger site’s authority should be passed down to you.

So, in other words, you can take your original content and re-purpose it for new audiences and different formats. The ultimate goal would be to get visitors on the third-party site to visit yours and interact with you. Great syndicated content will increase your reach and has the power to generate new leads from perspective customers who may not have heard of you before.

So, here are six interesting things to do with your copy:

1 – change the title

Put it into a context that will make your new audience what to read it

2 – add an image

Research shows that curated content with an image generates 88% more clicks, particularly if you use text overlay (text on images) carefully

3 – Pull out quote

Highlight and pull out the most insightful quote from the article and make it stand out

4 – Add your own insight

In curated copy – add your own insights to the piece, showing your thought leadership

5 – Add social media sharing buttons

Make it easy for people to re-share your copy

6 – Add a call to action, if you can

Use the opportunity to turn a reader into a subscriber, but don’t insist they subscribe in order to read your content

So back to my mantra – “Create, Curate, Syndicate” – clearly original content is at the heart of everything we do at SFE. But we need to get clever about what we can do with it, how we re-purpose it for new audiences. As SFE clearly is a thought leader, we do have lots of material to work with, so getting it out there in new formats for different audiences, should be both challenging and fun.

(Author: Lakshmi Turner)